YMMV – Milwaukee PACKOUT 10 in Tote – $45 Home Depot B&M $44.97


from jeff34270


For those of us that actually use and transport our tools a lot, the quality and functionality of a tool bag makes a huge difference.

The Milwaukee is much better built than the Husky so it will last forever and it has many more features, such as tons of individual pockets for better organization, a single central handle, a couple zippered pockets, AND the ability to snap to other Milwaukee Packout accessories such as the small parts organizer.

I’d take one Milwaukee over two of your Huskys any day…

“Your Husky’s?” Lol. It’s not “MINE”. If this was a forum for “pros”, then the $45-$67 Milwaukee bag would be appropriate. This isn’t a forum for “pros”. Home Depot’s $23 Husky bag (with 4.8 out of 5 stars with 191 reviews) would be perfectly adequate for MOST of the slickdeals readers who just need a decent organizer for their tools/supplies. Lol.
Btw, let’s not “generalize”. All manufacturers make good items and bad items, including Milwaukee (which is the brand name on ALL my battery operated tools). What’s your experience with the Husky bag I linked to, hmm?

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