WWE Hall of Famer Bob Armstrong Dies at Age 80

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WWE Hall of Famer Bullet Bob Armstrong died Thursday at the age of 80.

Two of Armstrong’s sonsWWE producer Scott Armstrong and WWE Hall of Famer Brian Armstrong (aka the Road Dogg)announced his passing on Twitter. Funeral arrangements will be given at a later time.

Armstrong suffered from bone cancer that had spread to his ribs, shoulder and prostate, per Scott.

That did not stop him from getting in a workout just five months ago:

WWE.com also spread news of his passing and provided these words on his in-ring work:

“Armstrong, however, didn’t rest on his laurels when he was between the ropes. He handled himself well in the rough-and-tumble southeastern territories by employing an assortment of holds and moves, including his feared sleeper and Georgia Jawbreaker. He also possessed the gift of grappling gab, giving him the uncanny ability to wear down a rival with his words as well as with his strength.”

Armstrong won a litany of titles in an era where professional wrestling was split into territories.

The United States Marine and former Cobb County (Georgia) firefighter made his name in the Southeastern U.S. Armstrong performed for the National Wrestling Alliance and its affiliates.

He faced off against some of the biggest names in pro wrestling history, including Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Rowdy Roddy Piper.

He also appeared in professional wrestling matches 59 years apart, with his first occurring in 1960 and his last taking place in 2019:

Armstrong had a great reputation in the business inside and out of the ring. David Bixenspan offered this remembrance that best encapsulated the man’s legacy:

He was rightfully inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011, with his sons introducing him:

“I think somebody up there likes me,” Armstrong said during his speech. I got to live my dream.

An outpouring of remembrances and support came through on Twitter following news of his death, including those from CM Punk, Triple H, Mick Foley and All Elite Wrestling:

Armstrong is survived by Scott, Brian and his two other sons, Steve and Robert. His wife, Vida Gail James, passed away in June.

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