Women, Weed, and Wellness

Cannabis might be the secret to helping women live healthier and more relaxed lives.

Cannabis is forging a path to the center of Colorado’s growing wellness community. And while this comes as a surprise to new consumers approaching the plant from the lense of past stigmatization to us, it’s no surprise. We’ll explain.

Most Denver dispensary shoppers are familiar with the basics of what cannabis can do:

  • treat general pain and anxiety
  • help people get a good night’s sleep
  • have fun
  • relax after work
  • inspire focus and creativity

But many people are still in the dark when it comes to the therapeutic value our favorite plant provides to women. We don’t intend to ruffle men’s feathers, but, like many aspects of society, even though cannabis is an ancient herbal remedy, it tends to be associated with men more than women.

However, when it comes to enjoying and benefiting from our favorite plant, women might have the upper hand.

If you don’t believe us, keep reading.

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