what went wrong?

i’m a 19 year old male, and i’ve smoked everyday for about 3 months after a took a bit of a break. however the other day i just had a bad time on cannabis. i’m normally a pretty anxious person even when sober, but this was just different. it started off when after a long, tiring day at work. i got home and almost immediately hit my dispensary cartridge. i took about 3 or 4 long, good hits, and normally i try to hold in the hits for at least 10 seconds. the last one hurt pretty bad, it was a long hit and i went into a coughing frenzy. i was pretty high at this point so i got a drink and then proceeded to play basketball for about 20 minutes. nothing crazy, just shooting around. maybe enough to make me out of breath even when sober. then after when i was showering i didn’t feel right. i believe the body high just wasn’t right. it felt like my whole chest was tight. my heart wasn’t racing, but i saw it beating through my chest. i was still pretty high at this point, maybe at the end of my peak. i felt like i was taking shorter breaths, and i just felt off. i tried taking my mind off of it by just playing some valorant with my buddy. it was still in the back of my mind, but i didn’t want to mention it to my friend. now this was a long high it felt like. normally with a pen i’ll get high for about an hour off of a few hits, but this just felt like it went on for almost double the time. now after this, i just don’t feel comfortable smoking anymore… i mean i love it, but this was just something that alarmed me to the point of giving away my pen. does anyone know what happened, or if this is normal? i don’t feel like asking my friends about it because i’d rather them not be anxious about these things when they partake in such activities… any feedback is appreciated!

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