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I’ve been giving my dog Cosequin for 4+ years now (border collie / lab / mutt fix). Started when he was about 9 as he was starting to have some mobility issues. I was specifically keeping an eye out for this since he’s part border collie and was/is very energetic. He’s almost 14 now, and his hips are giving out slowly, but he’s still able to jump up on the bed on good days. For the last 4 years though he’s been really mobile so it certainly bought him 4 more really active years of his life.

The reason I mention Cosequin is that it’s about 50% cheaper Dasuquin and worked wonders. I have nothing against Dasuquin, and if Cosequin wasn’t helping I would of switched over to that. I also think starting treatment early (as soon as you notice any decline) is important.

Recently started an experiment putting him on CBD as well for 3 weeks. He might of seemed a little better, but also weather plays a big role. Going to leave him off for a few weeks and see if I notice any regression.


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