The World Repatriation Council Are In Falcon And The Winter Soldier

The World Repatriation Council are in Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Who are they you ask? Just stick with me. Falcon and The Winter Soldier resuming filming in Atlanta this week, and we have some new information. An eagle eyed fan around the latest shoot in Atlanta noticed the name on badges of several outfits. The fan shared what they saw on Reddit and the mods from the subreddit verified this was legit.

You can find the original post in the source section below, but here is the total of what was posted.

“Saw “world repatriation council” badges on outfits of several different kinds. Swat teams. Lots of NYPD vehicles. Some secret service outfits. Motorcycle chase in a parking garage. Lots of suits looking like being evacuated in flashing lights. Flashing red lights as f***, all over the place.”

This begs the question, who are the World Repatriation Council? Well, I think we can make a pretty accurate guess about that. My first thought was also the most popular explanation on the Reddit thread. I think the WRC is an organisation set up to help those who returned from the ‘5 year Blip’ reintegrate into society. Repatriation is a term normally used during or after warfare. When borders change and governments dissolve where do the people left behind fit in?

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We had some hints at this with Spider-Man: Far From Home, but only from a New York perspective. One would imagine that the uproar caused by this return would cause real problems elsewhere. Especially in less democratic Nations. Therefore Falcon and The Winter Soldier is clearly going to deal with some aspect of the repatriation of Blip victims. Exactly how the WRC fits into the plot, well, who knows yet?

In many ways, Falcon and The Winter Soldier seems like the perfect show to explore the after-Blip issues of the world. After all, it’s at times like these that unscrupulous people will take advantage, ripe times for a new Captain America to emerge.

What do you think of the news the World Repatriation Council are in Falcon and The Winter Soldier? Leave your thoughts below as always.

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SOURCE: Reddit

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