The 7 Amazing Benefits of Sativa Flower

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At the risk of stepping too far off from our original goal with this article, we’ll first have to understand why the specification between Sativa and Indica benefits exists at all. It’s fairly common knowledge that cannabis flower is split up into two main categories; Sativa and Indica.

Each one with its own profile and way to interact with the human body. Indicas have built up a name for possessing some of the best ‘nighttime’ strains available to mankind. While Sativas on the other hand have become notorious for being the types of strains responsible for providing euphoric and uplifting effects.

This has become the most common way to look at it, but it stems far from the truth. The reality is that while most Indica strains will provide relaxing effects, and most Sativa strains will provide uplifting ones, not all of them do. It comes down to your own body composition and the amount of weed you’re ingesting (or smoking), especially when you’re dealing with THC.

If you’re more on the hemp side of the spectrum and prefer to steer clear of psychoactive effects, then CBD flower like the Botany Farms’ Hawaiian Haze Sativa CBD flower is what you’re looking for. A Sativa strain that will provide you with all of the effects of CBD (which tend to be on the Indica-side of things), but also the benefits that are commonly found in Sativa strains.

That said:

In order for you to even think about going with Botany Farms’ Sativa, or any Sativa strain for that matter. I’ll first have to ask you to indulge me and give this article a quick read through. An article for the cannabis savvy and the knowledgeable up n’ comers, an article for those who might lack a bit of stamina and focus, or perhaps for those who just love to sleep in, but are trying to find a way to change that. An article for the Sativa enthusiasts.

The 7 Major Benefits of Sativa Strains

If one thing needs to be said before we dive headfirst into the benefits list, it’s that not ALL sativa strains offer the same effects. This list is created based on the effects that are usually reported with most Sativa strains, but each effect is actually independent to the strain itself and not to the type of strain. The type of strain is just a label that allows us to paint a picture based on the most common benefits related with that specific cannabis category.

1. Enhances your Creativity

It feels a bit unfair with Indica strains to have this one as number one in the list. On a personal level, I’ve had some of the most creative mind-blowing thoughts on Indica strains. However, Indicas tend to put me to bed, that might be something that happens specifically with my body but overall, it has shown to be the tendency. Sleepiness is not necessarily the type of feeling you want when trying to get some creative work done.

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That’s where Sativa comes in. Most Sativas will have you alert and cleaning your apartment at 2 am, at least in my case. Being alert is something you might prefer when it comes to getting some work done, whether that’s painting, sculpting, or writing.

2. Boosts your Motivation

Based on Sativa’s usual euphoric and uplifting effects, we can safely say that motivation is not something that lacks when smoking a fluffly sativa bud. In my personal experience Sativa manages to keep me motivated because of the paranoid side effects it often comes with. I’ve found that the more paranoid I feel, the more motivated I get.

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Allow me to explain:

When smoking an uplifting Sativa that makes me paranoid, I’ll end up feeling paranoid of becoming lazy and not getting s**t done. So, I’ll end up working hard in an attempt to drive that paranoia away. When the effects have faded away, I usually find myself sitting in front of a couple of fully finished articles.

3. The Real Cure for Social Awkwardness

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You’re probably speaking to the “king of awkward” here. Sometimes when anxiety is a major variable in your life, it tends to poison your mind and in my personal case, my relationships. Anxiety can stay at ‘just anxiety’, or it can impact other major parts of your life and ultimately affect self-confidence.

When self-confidence comes into the picture is when the social awkwardness begins. With Sativa flower confidence tends to be boosted because it often enhances your creativity and thus your social interactions become happier, almost as if it were easier through navigate a conversation. Not to mention that depending on the strain you’re consuming you might be subject to a case of the “giggles”, which is always fun when interacting with a peer.

4. An Uplifting Anxiety Aid

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We already touched on this one briefly on the last item but let’s break it down a bit. Due to its trademarked uplifting and euphoric effects, Sativa strains can be a substance with powerful anti-anxiety properties. Granted, Indicas can also aid with anxiety management, but I find Indicas to be particularly body-numbing. Which is good when you feel like calling it a day, but if you want to make the best of your day, go hiking, jogging, or whatever it is; Sativas are probably a better idea.

5. Forget about Starving

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This one’s not particularly unique to Sativa strains, but with a nice Sativa bud you’ll at least ensure you’re awake by the time the munchies kick in. Although it takes a bold character to say no to a packet of Oreos when high, it also takes a miracle to open up your appetite when hunger just doesn’t seem to be kicking in.

6. Drunk-like Euphoria without the Hangover

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I like to describe my favorite “high state” as a “tipsy high”. When smoking Sativa flower it’s quite common to perceive effects of euphoria, which on its own sounds like something you’d never like to feel, but if the day ahead will keep you busy then there’s nothing like it, trust me.

Euphoria is actually defined as a feeling of extreme excitement and happiness, which by definition is definitely something you want to feel. However, if you suffer from anxiety it might be a good idea to look for a Sativa strain that provides mild euphoria, otherwise you might find yourself in a fidget frenzy that seems to have no end.

7. Day n’ Night

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Sativas are usually recommended for daytime use, however, this is a grave misconception. Even though euphoria is a common effect of Sativas, it doesn’t need to be intense. Some hybrids offer a convenient balance between chill and intensity. Just make sure to pick your strains right and you should be fine when consuming Sativa strains any time of day.

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