Question of the Day: Are There CBD Gummies for Kids?

If you’re a parent who fancies CBD, you’ve probably wondered if there are CBD gummies for kids?

While some immediately reject this idea, there are CBD gummies for kids out there. In fact, CBD gummies have helped many kids in a vast range of areas.

Some parents still find CBD taboo, but it’s gaining more mainstream acceptance as of late. This is mostly because there are tons of broad spectrum options on the market without any THC whatsoever.

This means kiddos strictly receive therapeutic benefits to help them with whatever the issue is. Obviously, one of the significant advantages of CBD for kids is how it presents itself as a tasty treat they can’t wait to chomp down.

Thinking about giving your kids CBD gummies?

Let’s touch on some of the necessary information you need to know.

Author’s Note: Although some parents may choose to give their child CBD, the legal status of providing CBD to a child is still undefined. As a result, we recommended discussing the relationship between CBD and children with your pediatrician, first, before offering them any CBD Gummies.

What Are CBD Gummies?

A collection of CBD gummies

A collection of CBD gummiesCBD gummies can be helpful to children, offering some of the most meaningful benefits hemp is capable of. As familiar as fruit snacks, CBD gummies can impart an array of wellness benefits.

Coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, many companies offer organic, all-natural gummy options with plant-based colors and flavorings. CBD gummies range in potency from 5mg up to 50mg per gummy.

However, you don’t want to give your children a CBD gummy that’s too strong, so you’ll want to make sure you opt for a lower concentration.

The Benefits of CBD Gummies for Kids

If you’ve been tossing this idea around for some time, let’s explore some of the benefits associated with CBD gummies for kids.

CBD may help kids calm down, focus, and sleep when needed. Of course, some kids are naturally hyper, but this is more geared towards kids with excess energy that hinders learning abilities.

We’ve partially touched on the taste factor above, but it’s one of the biggest benefits. If you know your child will benefit from CBD gummies, it’s a lot easier to get them on board with a gummy.

One of the other benefits is CBD gummies make serving sizes a breeze. You don’t have to worry about measuring out tinctures or struggling with them trying to swallow a capsule. These low concentration gummies are the top choice for kids.

Last but not least, the convenience factor has to be noted. You can carry the bottle with you or toss a couple in a smaller bag if they need to have it on stand-by for any specific reason or concern.

What Type of CBD Gummies Should Kids Have?

A collection of our CBD gummies

A collection of our CBD gummiesThere are several CBD gummies options available on the market currently. However, you want to make sure you obtain the highest quality for your little superstar.

When you’re shopping around for CBD gummies, you’ll see full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate options.

You have these options because the first type of oil created from hemp plants is full spectrum during the hemp manufacturing process. With full spectrum oil, you have whole-plant benefits, all of the naturally-occurring compounds, including extremely limited trace amounts of THC (<.3% of the oil).

However, full spectrum oil can then undergo an additional extraction process to remove trace amounts of THC, making it broad spectrum oil.

It can also go through another process to completely remove everything from the oil except cannabinoid (CBD) compounds. This is known as CBD isolate and a viable option for parents looking to provide their kids with CBD gummies.

Many parents prefer to start with broad spectrum gummies because they don’t have any THC content. The THC content is extracted through an additional process. Full spectrum gummies contain less than 0.3%.

Where to Find CBD Gummies for Kids

Finding CBD gummies for kids should entail the same type of research you’d go through for yourself. You want to ensure you acquire the highest quality product for your kid because their systems are far more delicate.

This being said, try to find CBD gummies made with organically grown hemp. The last thing you want to do is give them something riddled with chemicals, pesticides, and the possibility of heavy metals and mycotoxins.

It sounds dramatic, but it’s the truth.

The extraction process is equally important because if the right one isn’t utilized, toxic residue is leftover in the end product. The preferred method is the CO2 process because it provides the cleanest extraction, resulting in the purest form of oil as a product base.

You want to look at the web’s most reputable CBD retailers and compare some of their best-selling CBD gummies. You can also reach out to their customer service team with any thoughts, questions, and concerns you may have.

Parting Thoughts and Lingering Questions

We know giving your child a CBD gummy isn’t the first option you’d turn to, but it doesn’t mean it’s not a viable option.

CBD is capable of a wide range of wellness benefits, and this is something we can all benefit from—even the kiddos at times.

If you still have questions and concerns, reach out to your primary care provider to get more information specific to your child’s needs.

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