Man Abuses His 14-Year-Old Daughter, Broadcasts It On Instagram Live

Man Abuses His 14-Year-Old Daughter, Broadcasts It On Instagram Live

Trigger Warning: Some of the information and images/videos in this story can be disturbing for readers.

As a form of punishment, a 14-year-old teenage girl from Georgia was physically restrained and verbally abused by her father, and a woman believed to be her stepmother. In the unsettling video, the girl is seen slumped on a chair while the two interrogate her about her alleged theft and drug use, reports MTO News. During his questioning, he’s seen smacking the girl, known as Trinity. At one point, the 14-year-old reportedly tried to run away from the garage, but the father, Andrew, dragged her back and pinned her down with her hands above her head and sat on her chest.

The man then went on to ask his 14-year-old daughter what she would do when other men restrained her in a similar fashion. While it must be noted that corporal punishment is legal in Georgia, this seemed rather extreme. In a sperate video that has been shared on Instagram by The Shade Room, the father can be seen defending his actions. “What you’re looking at is a concerned father,” he said, claiming that Trinity went to “some random stranger’s house to smoke some weed.” He explained he was disciplining his daughter for running away and lying. In that video, he didn’t seem apologetic for his actions and told people to get at him if they didn’t like what they saw.

The Shade Room posted: People on social media are concerned for the safety and well-being of a Georgia teen who was seen being attacked by her father and a woman believed to be her step mother on IG Live. We spoke with a friend of Trinity’s who said she and her parents are trying to locate her and notify authorities but there are conflicting reports about where the family is as they had reportedly recently moved. The contents of the video motivated others, such as Lil Scrappy, to share to get the child help. We hope those who may know the family can contact whomever necessary to get the child help.

People were horrified by the way the man was treating his own daughter. User @jea_royal wrote: This isn’t a way to discipline your child, talk to her, tell her what’s wrong and what is not. She’s young of course she will want to know what’s going on out there, the fact that you’ve been there, you should talk to her instead and let her know, cause that’s abused. Now you’re giving her a way to ran away from you. @chanitafoster added: The VERBAL Abuse and physical abuse is WRONG!!!! Period! I don’t understand people that cuss at their children like they are talking to someone off the street! The physical is another story. My kids Dad never spanked them because he didn’t want them to grow up thinking it’s ok for a MAN to put his hands on a woman. I can go on and on but YOU ABOUT TO GO TO JAIL!

According to Revolt, rapper Lil’ Scrappy shared the video of Trinity after confirming that the young girl was safe with her grandmother, but called for parents to come together and find a way to punish her father. He shared: So they say She is now safe with her grandmother, amen and thank God he is absolutely real, and now where is the parents let’s meet up so we all can get our frustrations off jack, that’s still ain’t right. Talent manager Debra Antney then shared a post saying that Trinity was safe with her. She Is Safe Now. Thank you @reallilscrappy for helping. She’s safe now! Thank you everyone for the support. She’s in good hands. I got her! Trinity also posted on Instagram live to let her friends know she was safe.

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