Letter: Fascism or freedom is indeed the choice

Ronald Steinke asks:  “What do you want … a form of government that lies to you and steals your rights to a safe life?” I do not, so I’d never vote for Trump to have a second destructive term. If the narcissistic Sociopath-in-Chief stays, Americans may completely lose their freedoms.

Steinke says it would be a shame if Americans ignored sacrifices made by (military) heroes who died or were wounded in defense of liberty. I agree. If citizens vote for Trump, it will be a slap in the face of any veteran, who fought against fascism, not for it; and, clearly, fascism is what Trump favors and is trying to implement (with the help of Bill Barr).

Steinke says Democrats are the party of the KKK, misleading because circa Civil War era, they were; however, the Republican party emerged in that time-frame, and the parties essentially switched positions, with Democrats becoming the party of progressive policies. What is clear from utterances made and actions taken by Trump and cronies is the Republican Party has morphed into the party of unapologetic white supremacy.

Steinke erroneously states Dems forced a medical care program on “us” and “impeached an innocent president.” Innocent? Trump benefitted from a Senate majority too spineless to do what was right.

Polls are clear:  Americans understand a vote for Republicans is a vote against “freedom and sanity,” as Steinke puts it. He closes with “Socialism or freedom—your choice!” Not true. Fascism or freedom—that is the choice!

— Shannon Rooney, Chico

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