Let Airline Mask Exemptions for Young children with Developmental Disabilities

I am the mother of twin boys. They are six years old, and each of them have Developmental Disabilities (Autism). We have a trip planned to travel from Colorado to California in October on Southwest Airlines. We lately located out that the airline has a new strict mask mandatory policy that excludes mask exemptions for any purpose due to “CDC recommendations”. This is a significant difficulty for my boys since they are unable to put on masks for the whole duration of the flight. A single of my boys will not put on a mask at all. We have been operating with him on this for months without having achievement. Immediately after contacting Southwest Airlines several instances we are nevertheless getting told that there are certainly no mask exemptions for any purpose. The CDC does not have precise mask guidance for the developmentally disabled population. The Globe Overall health Organization (WHO) suggests this on their web page at present in Q&ampA:

Must youngsters with developmental disabilities put on masks?

The use of masks for youngsters of any age with developmental issues, disabilities or other precise well being circumstances need to not be mandatory and be assessed on a case by case basis by the child’s parent, guardian, educator and/or healthcare provider. In any case, youngsters with serious cognitive or respiratory impairments with issues tolerating a mask need to not be needed to put on masks.

I am petitioning to make alter for my youngsters and every person in the Developmentally Disabled neighborhood. I am also fighting to make a alter for any one who wants a mask exemption on a flight. Please assistance youngsters with Autism by signing this petition.

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