Kaya Vida CBD Review

Brand Review: Kaya Vida CBD
Products Reviewed: Bliss Box – Full Spectrum Orange Tincture, CBD Relief Roll-On, Smooth Lavender Bath Bombs
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The Kaya Vida company was launched in Colorado in 2018 by a couple who had already experienced the benefits of CBD oil for themselves. With their own positive experience fresh in their minds and having witnessed the shady practices of some other manufacturers, they set up their own brand which would offer customers a more trustworthy and reputable experience.

The Background Of Kaya Vida

Launched in August 2018, Kaya Vida was established by Ana Lia Davila and Adam Skapple, husband and wife in Arvada, Colorado who had personal experience of the benefits of taking CBD oil. They have been making their own creams and elixirs for their family and have always preferred products made in small batches due to their quality and freshness. The couple had been taking hemp extract for around three years and they began to notice that many products that they considered purchasing contain low quality non-organic ingredients and all of the topicals had synthetic emulsifiers and preservatives. The pair then decided to launch their own product line, which would be pure, safe, organic, and reliable for buyers. And being fortunate to be around hemp farms in Colorado, they set out to develop their CBD line for a year, testing and tweaking to make the products they personally use and enjoy and are genuinely proud of.

High-Quality Hemp

The hemp used in Kaya Vida’s products is all sourced in the USA from Colorado. With both full-spectrum and CBD isolate products within the range, there is something for everyone. All of the ingredients used in Kaya Vida’s range are certified vegan, organic, and non-GMO and the hemp itself is farmed using organic practices and they are in the process of getting this certified. The only non-vegan product in their line is the body butter which contains beeswax.

What Sets Kaya Vida Apart From Its Rivals?

Kaya Vida is an eco-conscious company that places its focus firmly on sourcing the highest quality ingredients which come from suppliers known for their eco-conscious approach. All products are fully designed in-house with nothing white-labeled used during the process. All of the packaging used is sustainable wherever possible, with post-consumer shopping boxes being recycled for future use. Cello biodegradable packaging tape is also used as standard, along with recycled glass for the containers. No synthetic emulsifiers, preservatives, parabens or homogenizers are used in this brand’s products and the company gives 5% of its profits to an environmentally focused cause.

Is Kaya Vida A Safe Brand?

Kaya Vida ensures that all its products undergo rigorous third-party laboratory testing. The tests check for everything including synthetics, THC, heavy metals, and pesticides with both the hemp extract being fully tested for any unwanted ingredients or contaminants. There is also a 30-day manufacturer’s money-back satisfaction guarantee so buyers can have complete peace of mind in their purchase.

Kaya Vida Product Range

Kaya Vida produces an impressive selection of high-quality CBD products including capsules and tinctures, topicals, pet products, and bath bombs.

The Bliss Box

If you’re looking for a comprehensive approach to health and wellness, the Kaya Vida Bliss Box is the ultimate solution. Making an ideal treat for yourself or a perfect present for a friend or loved one, this box contains three top-selling popular products that can help you discover all the benefits that CBD has to offer. The Bliss Box contains a full-spectrum orange tincture together with a bath bomb and a relief roll-on. This offers a comprehensive approach to experimenting with all of the different facets of CBD.

Full Spectrum Tincture 1500mg

The Kaya Vida Full Spectrum Tincture in Orange came with 1500mg of CBD. Easy to take by squeezing one dropper-full under the tongue, we tried it twice daily, this pleasant-tasting tincture was rapid-acting and helped support a sense of calm and focus, as well as support our recovery from exercise-induced soreness.

Relief Roll-On

Meanwhile, the Relief Roll-On comes in a discreet roller tube and is easy to apply to any problem areas – whether on our temples to support our management of stress or to ease muscle tension after an intense workout.

Bath Bomb

The bath bomb we received in our box was lavender and is the ultimate addition to any soothing bath to promote complete relaxation with a wonderful scent as an added benefit. We were not only impressed with the aroma of the bath bomb, but we were also happy with the sense of well-being that it helped us achieve. Kaya Vida’s bath bombs also come in citrus and eucalyptus mint varieties.

Kaya Vida– A High-Quality Brand

When you’re looking for a wide variety of high-quality CBD products to suit a range of needs, Kaya Vida is a brand we recommend. Safe, reliable, and fully-tested for your complete peace of mind, these products are easy to use and produce speedy results that are difficult to beat. Whether you’re looking for tinctures, capsules, topicals or bath bombs, you’ve come to the right place when you shop with Kaya Vida. And at Pure Green Living, we truly appreciate a company that has heart – for their customers, for their process, and for the environment.

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