It’s amazing what edible thc agave syrup does for the neuropathic pain I have.

I would like to keep taking it when my pain is horribly bad but I’m skeptical because of others opinions on it using it recreationally. But in my case I think I would just use it medically. Also and mainly, because I don’t want it to have negative side effects on my brain. I’m almost 27 and afraid of effects of long term use which is why I try not to take it a lot (once or maybe twice a month) Does marijuana use have effects on the brain with long term use if I’m in my late twenties or is this a concern for people 18 and younger? Just some stuff I have been thinking of.


Edit: I have Neuropathic pain on the right side of my body and interestingly I notice it makes me more sensitive to other pain my body receives throughout the week. I have headaches and I just feel awesome when I’m high because that pain goes away and I am not irritable anymore. Being irritable isn’t me and it frustrates me that my pain causes me to be in a mood daily.

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