Google Maps Visually Upgrades Its Maps

Google Maps is rolling out new visual improvements, designed to give users more insight on the detail of certain landscapes.

The company is rolling out a new color-mapping algorithmic technique, which will allow users to more easily distinguish notable features of a landscape. For instance, ice caps are now depicted in white, densely covered forests will be shown in a darker green and patchy scrubs will show as a lighter shade of green.

Previously, Google marked all wilderness areas on maps with a shade of green. This change will accurately label each feature of a terrain with an appropriate color.

The company says the update will allow Google Maps to have one of the most comprehensive views of natural features, available for over 220 countries and territories.

This means some depictions of locations via Google Maps, like Sedona, Arizona, have a completely new look.

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Before the update, Google Maps would code the Coconino National Forest in Arizona as a park, grassland or forest, and make it appear as a green space on the map. However, with the upcoming update, it will show a shade of tan and give a more accurate portrayal of the topography.

Google is also making updates to its city maps, providing more information on where crosswalks, sidewalks and pedestrian islands are located. These updates can be crucial for those who have accessibility needs.

Google will be rolling out these updates in the coming days.

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