Colour of trichomes. All science or at least part bro science?

Hi All,

So I’m a relatively new grower but I’m trying to get my head around the science of trichomes changing colour from clear to cloudy to amber. Is there any specific science to back this up? What is the specific difference in chemical composition between the cloudy and amber trichomes that supposedly creates more narcotic effects?

Reason I ask is I have a grow going right now. One strain is very late into the flowering cycle. A lot of leaves yellowing, very few white pistils. And not a touch of amber trichomes anywhere. I have two other strains in the same tent that are a solid 3-4 weeks away from harvest and they both already have at least 5% amber trichomes. I’m guessing the timing, and even appearance of any amber, is highly strain and pheno dependant?

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