CBD Instead of Alcohol – The Benefits

Sober curious and sober chic are the buzzwords du jour, and for good reason. Considering CBD instead of alcohol? Cutting back on alcohol consumption helps eliminate healthy calories, reduces the impact on your liver, improves your immune and organ function, clears skin, and boosts mood and energy (see ya, depression). Should you try CBD? Let’s explore.

Look, if you enjoy sipping a perfectly chilled, fine tequila, great. If a generous pour of a heavy cab is the only accompaniment in the world that works for you when you have a nice steak dinner, OK! That’s one thing. But if you’re using booze as a crutch for social lubricant, even when you don’t necessarily want to drink, then we should talk.

Have you been considering doing a dry month or going (somewhat) sober, but you’re afraid of the social ramifications? Are you afraid to go on dates or out to parties because you’re worried you’ll feel uncomfortable without a few hefty gulps of liquid courage?

We have a healthier solution for you. Are you ready? Did you guess it already? It’s CBD, of course. Let’s take a look at cannabidiol for a second, and how it can be your new substitute for “a couple of beers” or a box of wine. Curious How CBD helps anxiety? We’ve gone over that too.

Benefits of CBD Instead of Alcohol

CBD not Alcohol Lowers Social Anxiety

CBD has been studied (and is currently being studied even further!) as a bonafide anxiolytic, meaning it can alleviate anxiety, including social anxiety. If the one thing that’s holding you back from socialization is a bit (or a lot) of anxiety, you’ll absolutely want to give CBD a shot (no pun intended).

… Without Getting You Drunk

OK, so you may say, “But alcohol lowers my anxiety too, genius.”

Well sure — but it also lowers a lot of other things, including your inhibitions, memory retention, self control, motor skills… shall I go on? Using CBD to alleviate the anxiety lets you relax around friends and strangers, allowing you to be your best and happiest self — without getting drunk or sloppy. Think: your fun, carefree drunk state, without the memory loss or clumsiness. You can have a killer time at your office party and not get written up. Everyone wins.

CBD Won’t Get You High

If you’re thinking, “No, no — I’d rather be buzzed on a few beers than stoned at a party!” Then allow us to elucidate further. CBD doesn’t get you high — at all. If you want to get high, power to you! Marijuana is certainly healthier than alcohol, but CBD doesn’t work that way. It inhibits anxiety without creating an intoxication or euphoria in the way that THC does. There’s even products like CBD Beauty Gummies and moisturizing body lotion too!

… And It’s Not Addictive

There are, in fact, prescription medications for social anxiety, and if you’re taking those currently, be sure that you work closely with your psychiatrist and primary care physician before making any changes to your supplement or medication regimen. That said, many psychiatrists will be the first to admit that RX anxiety meds can be addictive. The symptoms of withdrawal match the symptoms that brought you to the medication in the first place. Here’s 5 Ways to Improve your Mental Health.

Want to know what helps anxiety but is not addictive? CBD. The World Health Organization deems CBD to be safe and with limited to no side effects whatsoever; there have been no documented occurrences of CBD addition, and it may be a potential tool to help those struggling with opioid addiction.

CBD Improves Health, Alcohol Weakens It

Yes yes, a glass of red wine may improve your heart health, but CBD is proven to have a positive impact on your cardiovascular system. It’s cardioprotective, meaning it may (studies pending!) prevent heart attacks down the line. Plus, it helps with hundreds of facets of health, from skin health to brain health to digestive health to the prevention of neurodegenerative disease and cancer. Alcohol…. Well… alcohol can’t do that. Don’t you want to wake up and stress less?

Did We Mention No Hangovers?

Oh yeah, that too: no hangovers.

In sum: all the fun and relaxation of a couple margaritas, without the negative ramifications — AND the added benefit of CBD’s natural anti-inflammatory, health-boosting properties. It’s not just a win-win, it’s more like a win-win-win-win-win! Try swapping CBD for a cocktail at your next happy hour. That’s an easy way CBD can improve your fitness routine or your mental fitness. Both your body and mind will thank you!

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