Cannabis High – How Long Will It Typically Last For You

Cannabis users love the experience and want it to last as long as possible. But when it comes to the duration of the effect, there isn’t a standard answer. Typically, a beginner may feel it for around six hours, though it may vary from person to person. For a relatively experienced user, the tolerance is probably significantly higher and higher quantities will be needed to extend the effects. Moreover, you will probably not feel high for a longer period with the same strain as you use it over a while. It makes sense to understand the factors that can influence cannabis high so that you can align your usage accordingly. Let us explain to them in detail.

THC quantity

The first and foremost factor that determines the intensity and duration of high with cannabis is the THC quantity in the product. Obviously, a strain with 25% THC will give you a more lasting effect as compared to one with 15% THC, considering that you use the same amount. The more you consume the longer-lasting high the effect will be. So make sure that you check the THC quantity and stick to the recommended dosage for a specific level of high.

Consumption method

Apart from THC content, the consumption method of CBD decides the duration of effect. Everything boils down to ‘bioavailability’, the rate of absorption into your bloodstream. Vaping with thc oil is a good idea if you are looking for immediate effects as the bioavailability rate is high. However, the effect will wear off fast as well. Conversely, edibles have a relatively low bioavailability rate. The results come only after a few hours but they stay longer.


This one is a no-brainer. A seasoned user who has been consuming cannabis for years will feel the effect for a shorter time for very obvious reasons. Novices, on the other hand, will be high for much longer on consuming the same amount because they haven’t yet developed tolerance to the product. A tolerance break once in a while can help your body overcome this tolerance.

Your metabolism

It may be great to have a fast metabolism from the weight loss perspective but it wouldn’t be helpful if you are seeking a lengthy high with cannabis. Fast metabolism makes your body process the chemicals quickly, which means that it will wear off sooner than you expect. With a slower metabolism, cannabis stays longer in your system and you will experience the effects accordingly.

Other factors

Apart from these specific factors, there are others that may determine the duration of cannabis-induced high for individual users. Surprisingly, the feeling can last longer if you get high in a new environment. The effects may also vary for different strains of cannabis because they have different profiles. Further, your age, weight, height, and general health also decide how you react to cannabis products.

Generalization is not the right approach when it comes to deciding the period of high after cannabis consumption. It depends on the choice of the variant as well as individual factors. So let your body decide and you will come to know eventually.

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