Cannabis: A Cure or a Myth? Cannabis Benefits and its Uses

cannabis a cure or a myth

cannabis a cure or a myth

Cannabis has become one of the most popular trends of the last few years. Moreover – the latest poll has proved that at least 52% of Americans have used it.

People tend to seek marijuana treatments for everything: migraines, painful periods, stress, depression, nausea, eating disorders, and even cancer. But is it really a Holy Grail of medical treatments?

On the Internet, you can find all the possible articles about cannabis, from the ones that claim it’s the best medicine for every condition to the ones generating all kinds of conspiracy theories.

Of course, this impacts people’s thinking greatly, so it may be hard to decide whether you want to try cannabis treatments or not. In this article, you will find verified information about cannabis that will help you make a rational and reasonable decision.

So How Does It Work?

More than 100 cannabinoids are contained in the marijuana plant, all differently affecting our body. THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are the main chemicals used in medicine. THC is also responsible for the feeling of “high” people experience when taking marijuana.

Cannabinoids are similar to the chemicals made by the body, responsible for appetite, memory, movement, and pain. This similarity allows your brain to recognize the substance and alter your body functions.

Cannabinoids then can affect brain areas responsible for pleasure, thinking, or sensory perception, causing different effects – from feeling “high” to reducing pain, depending on the type of the used substance. For example, runtz weed is one of the stronger strains, which stimulates the body and the mind, but at the same time is one with the highest levels of THC.

How is Cannabis Used

Let’s omit the “recreational” effects of cannabis and talk about the curative ones. Medical research in the last few years has taken a step forward, testing the influence of cannabis on different health conditions.

1. Cannabos for Pain Control

Marijuana is often used in medicine, but mostly for pain control. Cancer and AIDS patients, migraine sufferers, and people with spastic and movement disorders have testified that medical marijuana helps them relieve their painful symptoms.

It helps people with chronic pain, reduces inflammation, and eases the pain of multiple sclerosis. It’s also a great muscle relaxant, so it is successfully used to treat fibromyalgia, endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, and even reduce tremors in Parkinson’s disease.

how is cannabis used

how is cannabis used

2. CBD for Mental Conditions

It has been proved that cannabis and cannabinoids may help you reduce everyday stress and improve sleep routine. Moreover, often they can be used as part of anxiety and depression treatments. Also, little research has shown that cannabis treatments may also help cure PTSD.

However, be careful! Most frequent users of cannabis are at risk of getting schizophrenia and other psychoses. Before any use of cannabis for medical conditions, consult your doctor or, if you’re taking CBD treatments, your advisor.

3. Marijuana for Cancer

Even though it hasn’t been proved that marijuana can kill cancer cells, studies have shown that it can treat nausea and vomiting related to cancer chemotherapy.

It also stimulates appetite and improves weight gain with cancer and HIV patients. And thanks to the pain-relieving effects of marijuana, patients who use it tend to need less pain medicine.

CDB Oil in Beauty Products

CBD oil is widely used in the beauty industry. It has been proved that it cures some skin diseases. Various CBD creams, cleansers, tonics, face masks, bath salts, and even makeup products are highly popular among people of all ages struggling with dry skin and acne.

Because of its pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing properties, CBD oil can become a secret ingredient to having healthy and glowing skin.

Natural CBD oil helps keep skin elasticity and is also full of antioxidants, which slows down collagen breakdown, reducing wrinkles and sagging. Because of this, anti-aging creams nowadays are often infused with cannabidiol to help you look young for as long as possible.

Different shampoos, conditioners, and hair detanglers often contain it as well, to nourish your hair and make it glow. And they even can help you deal with itchy scalp and excessive oil production!

Moreover, thanks to its relaxing properties, CBD works great when combined with bath salts and bombs. Use them if you have problems falling asleep or just want to unwind after a long hard day.

Using CBD in combination with other essential oils is also great for aromatherapy. And if you’re sore after a long walk or experience muscle pain after a rough workout, remind yourself about CBD’s pain-relieving properties and get a nice relaxing bath.

And even though many curative properties of CBD may stay unproven, don’t give up – try it and see if it works for you.

How Can It Be Taken

The common ways of taking cannabis are by eating it or inhaling. Edible marijuana is taken with cooking oils, drinks, baked goods, and candy. However, the THC in it is absorbed poorly, and it can take hours until it’s processed completely. Also, it’s often not possible to verify how much THC is in marijuana containing food, which can be unsafe – getting too much THC may cause an overdose.

Inhaled marijuana is smoked or vaporized, and you can always be sure how much of it you’re taking. THC is absorbed quicker, but the effects of inhaled marijuana fade faster.

Cannabis Side Effects

When taking a big amount of THC, you may experience side effects, such as dizziness, fast heartbeat, hallucinations, low blood pressure, depression, and bloodshot eyes.

Overuse of the drug can also impact your judgment and coordination, so injuries are pretty common. To make sure you don’t overdose, always consult your doctor or CBD advisor.

Safety First

Cannabis has been proved to have many positive medical effects. However, THC overdose is not uncommon, which is why you have to be especially careful and always consult a specialist. Don’t be scared to talk to your doctor – medical marijuana is used pretty often in treating many conditions.

CBD treatments have also been very popular in the last few years, so it’s pretty easy to consult a specialist who will advise you on dosage and the preferred form of treatment.

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