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Cannabis sativa. The type of cannabis that is famous for getting you properly high, the cannabis that produces mentally stimulating effects and gets you ready for a creative endeavor. Cannabis sativa is extremely popular around the world. Many companies worldwide are continuously creating, improving, and designing some of the best, most premium sativa strains. Today, there are plenty of different strains, designed for any cannabis consumer, and with one thing in common: quality. One company that has excelled in its cannabis harvesting and processing methods is Botany Farms. And the best thing about them is that they sell their premium strains online and ship to almost all the states in the U.S. Click here to order your premium cannabis and have it delivered to your door.

How To Buy Sativa Strains Online

Buying sativa strains has never been easier. Don’t even consider going to shady online sites, black market dealers, or deep web sites. Today, cannabis is legal in many places. This means that it is extremely easy to find a fully reliable site where you can legally get cannabis with guaranteed premium quality. Botany Farms, for example, produces premium cannabis sativa strains that comply with the 2018 US Farm Bill, which means that they can be sold and shipped to almost any state in the country. Click here and browse through their catalog. Anything you want from it, you can receive it on your doorstep.

Best Sativa Strain to Buy Online

Hawaiian Haze

This strain is the best sativa you can find online because it is perfect for any situation or smoker. The Hawaiian Haze combines the amazing body relaxing effects of CBD with the classic, uplifting mental stimulation of a sativa. Most people use it as a daytime strain because it helps them remain focused, clear-headed, and stress-free. It is also perfect for social gatherings since it can make you very friendly and talkative. Besides, you may end up daydreaming about a tropical vacation with the Hawaiian Haze’s intense floral smell and fruity taste. Botany Farms Hawaiian Haze is definitely one of the best-tasting strains available online. Order some Hawaiian Haze from Botany Farms and experience for yourself the amazing, balanced effects of this premium sativa. Click Shop Now and have it delivered to your door!

Botany Farms

Photo courtesy of Botany Farms.

Botany Farms is a company made by cannabis lovers, for cannabis lovers. They make it their mission to honor the pure nature of the cannabis plant by creating the most premium craft cannabis flower. All Botany Farms strains have been harvested and processed with the utmost care and respect for the plant. They are fully committed to the time and attention it takes to produce a quality flower free of pesticides, fungicides, and heavy metals. Not only does Botany Farms worry about crafting top-shelf cannabis strains, but they also make sure that you can order it online and have your weed delivered at your door! Buying weed online legally has never been easier.

Origins of Sativa Strains

A cannabis field. Photo by handatko / Adobe Stock Photo

Sativas traditionally come from humid equatorial zones. They are usually tall and gangly and have thinner leaves. Arising in the sunny climates of Southeast Asia, Central America, and Mexico, sativa plants are sun-worshippers. They commonly grow between 8 and 12 feet tall, but 18-foot monsters aren’t unheard of in optimal outdoor environments. Sativa strains take their time when flowering. In contrast to the six-to-eight-week flowering period of indicas, sativa flowering can stretch beyond 12 weeks.

Sativa vs Indica

Photo by elenabsl / Adobe Stock Photo

We are all familiar with the two primary strains of cannabis: indica and sativa. The first one is known for its physically sedating effect or body high that makes you want to sink into your sofa. Indicas are ideal for relaxing and as a way to unwind after a long day’s work. Sativas, in contrast, are famous for their stimulating mental effects. The uplifting, cerebral effects of a sativa make it perfect for social get-togethers. Some people also use them for creative and artistic pursuits like music, painting, and writing. Botany Farms has a fantastic selection of indicas, sativas, and hybrids. All of them, carefully harvested and with superior quality.

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