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If Any Of These Apps Are Installed On Your Phone, Uninstall Them Now

I cover all things tech, from low-level chip designs, to storage, FPGAs, and the latest display technologies. Google has been playing whack-a-mole with various iterations of the Joker malware for over a year now. If you’re unfamiliar with Joker, it is a particularly sneaky piece of malware that’s been circulating in apps delivered via the Google Play store to Android devices. Typically, a small piece of software — that is but one component of Joker — is injected into the advertising framework or hidden in another part of an app. And when the user runs that app, if the user’s information, carrier network, and device meet certain criteria, another component of Joker kicks-in and downloads a more nefarious payload. When that payload is executed, Joker hides in the background on a device and silently spies on the user, stealing their contact lists, SMS messages, and other identifying data stored on the device. In addition, Joker mimics user interactions on premium advertising and subscription-based services, and leverages its access to SMS and other personal data to secretly sign people up for paid services.

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