Best Cannabis Strains for Migraines

First, we’ll have to kick things off by defining what the heck a migraine is at first. From a personal standpoint, I’m more than quite susceptible to headaches. Growing up, as a teenager I thought these were called migraines. It was only until I met my current girlfriend that I came upon the knowledge that “oh, they aren’t, I’m just whiny and pretty much a wimp”.

Because let me tell you, if what I got were migraines then what this girl gets are straight up alien viruses (I don’t even know if alien viruses are thing or not, but that’s what came to mind, so please bear with me).

The point is:

Migraines are way more than just your regular headache. They usually start with a sharp relentless headache, but they could evolve into more serious symptoms like fever, nausea, and vomiting.

The way my girlfriend describes them is a searing pain that becomes so strong it starts to make her feel nauseous. In her case migraines are supposed to be triggered by a condition where her white blood cell count is low (or something like that) and if she doesn’t eat something every couple of hours the headache starts getting worse and worse.

But not all migraines are symptoms of the same condition. The truth is, that the origin of migraines can vary and is typically referred to as a neurological condition or brain disorder. Which I know sounds way serious, but neurological conditions can mean a wide variety of things including a simple headache.

The mystery lies around what triggers a migraine. For some it might be a genetic condition but for most of us it’s likely to be triggered by causes as simple as bad dieting, dehydration, or exposure to direct sunlight.

This is where cannabinoids come in. Some cannabinoids like THC and CBD have been identified to have anticonvulsant, antiemetic, and antioxidant properties. Along many other positive benefits. The point being: yes, they can potentially help control nausea, headaches, and even potentially combat neurodegenerative disorders.

Although I strongly suggest consulting with a licensed physician beforehand as every condition acts differently in different subjects and you are likely to not benefit from cannabinoids if not prescribed by a professional. Yep, I’m covering my butt.

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