Attention Houseplant Addicts – Costco Is Selling The Cutest New Succulents

Attention Houseplant Addicts – Costco Is Selling The Cutest New Succulents

Now that it’s cold weather and we’re spending more time indoors than usual, we’ve had to nest obsessively. That said, we’ve loaded our shopping carts with things like Costco’s cozy Pendleton blankets, Le Creuset-style Dutch stoves for our favorite comfort food recipes, and houseplants that bring in nature. Well, it looks like our green thumb obsession is getting even more extreme because the next thing we want to add to our home decor is this three-pack of succulents at Costco.
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Whether you already have a large collection of houseplants or just want to buy a few before the outdoor plants go into hibernation, this Costco succulents listing, only available in select stores (not online), lets you do nothing wrong. You will receive a 3-pack of 5-inch succulents that come in modern ceramic planters with geometric printing. We can see these on a kitchen window sill, rest on a boho chic plant stand in the living room, or even add a touch of green to the bathroom. Of course, if you live in a warm climate, they’ll look great outdoors too.
This juicy three-pack from Costco costs just $ 17.99 at participating stores, which means your planting hobby won’t have to drain your wallet this month. This is great news because plants can get expensive, although we’ve found great deals on trending fig plants and violin leaf succulents at Costco (and Amazon) in the past.
The great thing about succulents is that they are mostly easy to care for. Keep them in bright, indirect light and just water them when the soil in the pot feels dry to the touch.
There are a couple of things to watch out for. Make sure to keep your succulents out of direct sunlight, especially if they’re in a window where the heat can be amplified (the good old greenhouse effect) and can actually kill your plant. Check the bottom of the pots to see if they have drainage holes. You don’t want your succulents’ roots to sit in stagnant water, which can cause them to rot. Finally, make sure the soil is loose and well drained. Regular potting soil can stay too moist for succulents, which in turn can cause root rot.
That being said, you don’t have to think about it! With these basic care products, most succulents can happily sit and relax with minimal care, adding a bright touch of green to your home even in the dead of winter. We know what to add to our Costco carts on our next trip!
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Posted on 2020.09.29

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