Alva man with child and rifles leads officers on high speed chase

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An Alva man with a toddler and rifles in his vehicle led law enforcement officers on a high speed chase west of Alva on Friday, July 10. He was accused of pointing a firearm at his girlfriend and her father.

Court records show at 9:58 p.m. on July 10, Willie McKinley called Woods County dispatch to report he and his daughter Christian McKinley were being shot at by Christian’s boyfriend, Landon McClain. He said they were near County Road 390 and Kay Road when the incident occurred and were currently driving to get away from McClain, who was following them.

Woods County Deputy David Cummings responded and was told the McKinleys were on their way to Alva on Jefferson Road near County Road 430, just north of Alva. Cummings asked dispatch to contact the Alva Police Department to intercept them and also contacted Undersheriff Keith Dale due to the nature of the call.

Cummings arrived at a driveway between Jackson and Jefferson Road on County Road 430 where the McKinleys came to a stop. The McKinleys were visibly upset but said they did not need medical attention. Willie said McClain stopped pursuing them a few miles behind their location.

The McKinleys said McClain threatened to shoot Christian and anyone else that showed up on the property. They said McClain was driving a white GMC pickup, and he had Christian’s son, age one and one-half years, with him. Cummings asked Alva Police Officer Sean Farris to follow the McKinleys to the sheriff’s office to get a statement while he and Officer Kris Franta went to Christian’s and McClain’s home on Kay Road.

Undersheriff Dale contacted Cummings to report that Officer Farris observed a white GMC pickup behind him as he was escorting the McKinleys to Alva. Dale said he would check on the vehicle. Cummings and Franta proceeded to McClain’s residence.

Just before the officers arrived at the residence, Dale advised them over the radio that he was behind McClain’s pickup and was attempting to initiate a traffic stop with lights and sirens but the pickup was not yielding. Dale said he was in pursuit and they were turning west on US-64 heading out of Alva. Dale requested other law enforcement officers to respond immediately.

Cummings and Franta proceeded to US-64 from their location and joined the pursuit a few miles behind. Dale advised the speed of the pursuit was 100 mph and more at times. NWOSU Police Officer Blake Trekell joined the pursuit. Cummings advised officers over the radio that a one-year-old was in the suspect vehicle as well as a rifle. The pursuit continued west on US-64.

Dale requested officers to slow up, giving the suspect room due to the presence of the child and a firearm. As the pursuit neared Camp Houston, the suspect turned north onto County Road 190, proceeding north through winding roads and open range areas where cattle have access to the roadway at all times. Speeds slowed to 35-55 mph during this stretch of the pursuit.

As they neared 19278 Noble Road, the suspect pulled onto the property and stopped, putting his hands out of the vehicle. Cummings, Franta and Trekell conducted a felony stop, ordering the suspect out of the vehicle at gunpoint and onto the ground. He complied and was placed into handcuffs and escorted to Cummings’ patrol car. It was later determined the pursuit covered approximately 35 miles.

Officer Trekell made sure the child was safe and in good health. He took the child out of the pickup, finding no car seat in use. Cummings contacted dispatch and told them the suspect was in custody. He requested they contact the Oklahoma Department of Human Services and ask them to respond to the sheriff’s department. A car seat was found in McClain’s pickup and placed in Trekell’s car so he could transport the child to Alva to meet the mother and DHS.

Deputy Kyle Fuller arrived on the scene, and Cummings asked him to inventory the pickup and await the wrecker. Inside the pickup two rifles and ammunition were found and seized as evidence. One was a Remington Model 788 .308 caliber rifle with a Crossfire II scope, bi-pod and nylon sling. The other was a Marlin Firearms Company .22 caliber. Both rifles were found unloaded. The ammunition was in a white Remington plastic bucket.

Cummings transported McClain to the sheriff’s office in Alva. While driving he noticed the odor of an intoxicating beverage coming from McClain’s breath and person. When he asked McClain how much he had to drink, McClain replied 15 or more beers since 2 p.m., according to the affidavit. At the sheriff’s office, Cummings administered the standardized field sobriety tests with McClain performing poorly. McClain consented to the breath test which showed alcohol concentration to be .15 g/210L, according to the affidavit.


According to Willie McKinley’s written statement, he said he received a call from his daughter Christian saying she and McClain were arguing, and he was accusing her of cheating. Christian told him Landon threatened to shoot her if she called anyone. Willie said he went to pick her up and met her just west of their house on County Road 390, near the curve of Kay Road. When she got in, Willie drove toward Kay Road and was met at the curve by McClain in his pickup. Willie said he observed a rifle barrel pointed toward them as he pulled alongside McClain’s vehicle. Seeing this, Willie proceeded east down Kay Road to get away. Willie said he heard a gunshot as he got past McClain. After this Willie called the sheriff’s office to report the incident. Willie noticed while he was on the phone that McClain had turned around and was following them. As they neared Johnston Road, Willie turned east onto it and drove toward Alva. Once on the blacktop he noticed that McClain was approximately one mile behind; a short time later he lost sight of McClain’s vehicle and was met by law enforcement.

In Christian’s written statement, she said she went to Alva to the gym in the afternoon. When she returned home, everything seemed fine between her and McClain. Willie showed up and spent time with them. When he left, McClain began accusing her of cheating on him. The argument became more heated so Christian went outside and got into her vehicle to call her dad. When she did so, McClain came outside and stood beside her car threatening to shoot anyone that showed up.

Christian left her car and started walking away from the residence; McClain told her she was not taking her son with her. She later heard a shot fired. She again called her dad and told him that McClain had fired a shot. Christian hid and waited for her dad down the road. When she got in with him and drove off, they met McClain on the roadway, and she observed the rifle hanging out of the driver side window of McClain’s vehicle. Christian told her dad to keep driving and not to stop at the house. McClain followed them for a while before she lost sight of him.

In a post Miranda Rights interview, McClain told Cummings he and Christian had been together a little over a year and that they live together. He said the child was not his biologically, but he has been the child’s dad since he was one to two months old. He said Christian went to the gym. He found it odd that she had been doing this regularly due to the money she’s spent on home workout equipment. He said they got into an argument about it, but then everything calmed down. Willie later stopped by to visit and drink a few beers near 5:30 p.m. Willie left approximately 7:30 p.m. and the arguing between him and Christian continued. He said Christian went outside, and he went to see what she was doing. She was calling her dad so he went inside the house.

McClain told Cummings when he returned outside, he saw Christian’s vehicle running but she was not anywhere around. Out of frustration he grabbed his rifle out of his pickup which was parked nearby, and he shot it into the ground toward the road. Afterward he took the rife inside since it was out of ammunition. He got his son and another rifle, a .308 caliber. He put his son in the front seat and had the rifle lying across his lap with the barrel pointed out of the driver side window.

McClain said they would have been able to see the rifle barrel sticking out of the window as well as the bi-pod that was attached to the barrel. He said he had no intention of hurting anyone; he was just mad. Cummings asked if he made any threats to Christian about shooting her or anyone else that came to the house, and McClain said no. He said he and his son drove west on Kay Road in front of his house. As they neared the curve of County Road 390, he saw headlights coming toward him. As the vehicle rounded the corner, he knew it belonged to Willie and saw Christian with him as they passed each other. Willie continued going east so McClain said he turned around and proceeded to follow them. Cummings told him Willie reported hearing a gunshot after they passed each other, but McClain said he did not shoot at any time after he and his son left.

McClain said he sped up to catch Willie and Christian and continued to follow when he lost sight of them near Jefferson Road and County Road 430. He said it looked like they stopped at a house. He saw other headlights coming north so he turned around and drove the area before heading into town a short time later. This was when he got behind Officer Farris as he was escorting Willie and Christian to Alva. As Farris turned east onto Flynn Street, McClain turned west. McClain said he saw the patrol car turn on its emergency lights signaling him to pull over, but because he had his son and had been drinking he was scared to stop so he attempted to elude officers. He admitted he was wrong for running from law enforcement.

Cummings asked where his son was sitting while he was attempted to elude law enforcement. McClain said he was sitting in the front seat not in a car seat, holding his hand and grabbing him. Cummings asked if his son was scared, and McClain said yes and he just kept telling him he was sorry and that he loved him. When asked why he didn’t put the boy in a car seat to begin with, McClain said he was angry and that Christian usually just walks up the road. He was not expecting to be going far. Asked why he grabbed a firearm along with his son, McClain said he was not trying to hurt anyone; he always keeps a firearm in his vehicle, and he knew he did not have another one in the vehicle. So he grabbed the .308 and a .22 caliber rifle and left the house. Cummings asked if he was anticipating trouble, and McClain said traffic does not usually come down his road so he did not know what to expect when he left so he had the rifle across his lap. Asked if he normally does this when he sees vehicles coming down the road, he said no. When asked why he was following the McKinleys, McClain said he wanted to figure out where they were going, according to the affidavit.

McClain was booked and jailed on charges.

DHS released the child to Christian. Cummings advised Christian to follow up with seeking a protective order on Monday, July 13, which she did.

Charges Filed

On July 23 in Woods County, Landon Joe McClain, 23, of Alva, was charged with child endangerment by driving under the influence and feloniously pointing a firearm, both felonies. The first charge is punishable by imprisonment for up to four years and/or a fine of $5,000. The second charge is punishable by imprisonment for one to ten years.

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