Accessing AOL mail results in internet diconnecting.

AOL mail not working with Windows 10 mail ?

Hello tynaskos, I’m Virginia an independent advisor here.

I’ve seen that error on accounts which have two-factor/step authentication where the user requires an app specific password which is entered in place of the account password.

Does the AOL account use this security feature?

If not then check the usual ‘suspects’: username & password, whether the account uses SSL & whether the port numbers are set correctly.

AOL Mail IMAP Settings

The IMAP settings for AOL mail are as follows:

AOL Mail IMAP server address:

AOL Mail IMAP user name: Your full AOL Mail email address. For AOL email, this is your AOL screen name plus “,” such as “*** Email address is removed for privacy ***” (or,

AOL Mail IMAP password: Your AOL Mail password

AOL Mail IMAP port: 993

AOL Mail IMAP TLS/SSL required: yes

Enter these SMTP settings to send outgoing email through to your AOL Mail account from any email program.

Incoming Mail Server:

SMTP Outgoing Server Address: Set the port to 587

SMTP Username: “*** Email address is removed for privacy ***” (or, or

SMTP password. The password you use to log in to AOL Mail…

Information on two-step authentication:…

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