9 Best Sativa Strains | Sativa Weed Strains for Creativity and Energy

best sativa strain

best sativa strain

Sativa is that lively and eccentric sister of Indica who’s always the life of the party. Creativity? She can give you that. Energy? She’s got tons of that too. Happiness? She’s full to bursting with it. The best sativa strains can give you all of those things within a few tokes.

So whenever you need to lift your mood and drive away any lethargy, sativa has got your back. She’s a tall plant with thin leaves and an exhilarating amount of THCs.

However, just like any cannabis strain, it can be a daunting task to choose a sativa strain. How much THC does it have? Will it give you the desired effect? Is it even flavorsome enough to smoke?

Don’t worry – I’ve compiled the top nine most popular and best sativa strains to help you solve your dilemma. With these sweet and spicy, uplifting, and highly effective babies, you’ll be smoking away from your doubts and worries within an instant. Read on!

Selection of the Best Strongest Sativa Strains

Strain THC Effects Buy
1. Jack Herer 15-24% Happy, uplifted,
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2. Sour Diesel 20-25% Happy, uplifted,
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3. Durban Poison 20-25% Energetic, uplifted,
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4. Green Crack 15-20% Energetic, happy,
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5. Super Lemon
20-25% Happy, energetic,
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6. Sour Tangie 18-22% Happy, uplifted,
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7. Ghost Train
18-25% Happy, uplifted,
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8. Sunshine 14-27% Happy, uplifted,
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9. Strawberry
15-25% Happy, uplifted,
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Sativa Weed Strains Reviews

My sativa strain list contains sativa dominant hybrid strains and even some pure sativa strains that pack a punch. But what is the best sativa strain for you? Check out the following to find out:

1. Jack Herer

Jack Herer sativa strain

Jack Herer sativa strain​Named after the famous author, Jack Herer is probably the most popular sativa strains out there. With an unbeatable cerebral high and moderate body relaxation, it gives you the best of both worlds.

Within a couple of tokes, you’ll feel a wonderful headrush that slowly spreads to the rest of your body. In turn, you’ll feel yourself get super social and unusually creative without feeling agitated. And since these buds have 15-24% THCs, you can expect quite a kick from them.

With a citrusy, peppery, and earthy flavor, Jack Herer will not just please your taste buds but also tickle your mind and body.

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2. Sour Diesel

sour diesel sativa weed strain

sour diesel sativa weed strainIt’s not unusual for people to enjoy the smell of Gasoline. If you, too, find yourself sniffing the air at the gas station, you might enjoy the fuel-like flavor and the particularly acrid smoke of the Sour Diesel.

With THC levels between 20 to 25%, this is one of the most fast-acting sativa weed strains. A headrush that quickly spreads into the body is typical, and a good amount of physical relaxation counters that euphoria.

And although the effects only last for a couple of hours, it can prove to be very potent for the new stoner and even irritating to the lungs. So take it easy, and let it slowly submerge you in euphoria.

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3. Durban Poison

sativa durban poison

sativa durban poisonNeed to focus on something particularly complicated? Durban Poison has got your back. Known for its cerebral high, this is one of the best pure sativa strains for a focused mind during the daytime.

With around 20-25% THCs, you can feel exceptionally energized, clear-minded, and pleasantly social. In fact, patients with ADHD and depression often reap great benefits from this strain.

It’s super sweet while also spicy in flavor and aroma, so expect your palate to be teased with a range of flavor profiles. Undoubtedly, Duran Poison is one of the best sativa strains for creativity.

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4. Green Crack

Green Crack strain

Green Crack strainOften known as Green Cush, this sativa has similar effects to Durban Poison. It’s popular for daytime use as it gives you a big boost of energy and a cerebral high that can rid you of social anxiety and induce creativity.

And although it’s not one of the strongest sativa strains, its 15-20% THC content is enough to keep you going for hours. The best part? It has a sweet, citrusy, and mango-ey flavor that reminds you of tropical sunsets, though you might taste some hints of skunk too.

Think of it as a replacement for your favorite energy drink. Only, this one’s much more effective.

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5. Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze strain

Super Lemon Haze strainFor those of you who’ve got a knack for lemon candies, Super Lemon Haze should be your go-to sativa strain. Its lemony and sweet taste will please your taste buds while giving your body a buzz of energy. Soon enough, the buzz travels into your mind, getting your creative juices flowing.

With 20-25% of THCs, this strain can be slightly overwhelming for the newbies. The 20% of Indica in it helps anchor the high, keeping you focused yet relaxed enough during the day. Anxiety, stress and ADHD – super lemon haze can help with all of that with just a few tokes.

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6. Sour Tangie

Sour Tangie pure sativa strain

Sour Tangie pure sativa strainA child of the Sour Diesel and Tangie strains, Sour Tangie, can give you a very buzzy and elevated mindset during the day.

With exceptionally high THCs, it quickly induces euphoria and makes you creative while staying focused. Being one of the strongest sativa strains, it definitely packs a punch in terms of cerebral activity.

However, it also gives a moderate amount of physical relaxation. With very citrusy flavors and diesel-like undertones, Sour Tangie is one heck of a brain booster for the dull and lethargic minds. Beware, though – the inexperienced might feel agitated or even face paranoia.

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7. Ghost Train Haze

sativa Ghost Train Haze

sativa Ghost Train HazeKnown as one of the strongest sativa strains, GTH almost has psychedelic effects on the mind, especially when consumed in high doses (so tread carefully!).

But if you take low doses, it has a peaceful effect on the mind and body, inducing happiness while invoking self-awareness and creativity.

A high dose of GTH is a holy grail for inflammation and chronic pain, while a low dose can help with ADHD and depression. Either way, there’s another thing to be careful of – it tastes and smells very strongly of citrus, which lingers for a long while.

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8. Sunshine

Sunshine strongest sativa strain

Sunshine strongest sativa strainFeeling dark and depressed? A few tokes of the Sunshine sativa strain will brighten up your day unlike anything else. Much like its name, Sunshine has a tropical fruit flavor with hints of sweet pineapple and lemon.

With THC content ranging from 14 to 27%, Sunshine can make you happy while giving wonderfully wide-awake vibes.

Focus on a task or daydream with racing thoughts – the cerebral high will take you places your mind never thought of exploring. With a moderate amount of physical relaxation, this sativa strain makes the perfect daytime weed for stress relief.

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9. Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry CoughStrawberry Cough is one of the best sativa dominant hybrid strains for daytime use. With THCs ranging between 15 to 25%, it uplifts your mood and energizes you without causing your mind to race.

Getting you into a focused yet relaxed state of mind, the strawberry cough can get you through complex problems or act as a social lubricant when you’re anxious.

Considering its name, the flavor of this strain is pretty self-explanatory. With an initial burst of sweet, earthy strawberry, this strain makes everyone cough while exhaling – the smoke is pretty harsh at times.

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Wrapping Up with the Top Sativa Strains

Some of the best sativa strains for people with a sweet tooth include the Green Crack, Sunshine, and Strawberry Cough. For the experimenters who enjoy a wide array of flavor profiles, Durban Poison, Sour Diesel, and Jack Herer will prove as interesting choices.

Either way, be mindful of the THC content of your buds. I recommend a lower THC content – something like Strawberry Cough – for inexperienced users. Even for the veterans, it’s smart not to smoke too much of something as potent as Sour Tangie or GTH.

But overall, most sativas have an uplifting effect on the mind and body. They don’t just give a big boost of energy and concentration, but also make your soul wander to unexplored places, spiking deep conversation and creative ideas.

As a result, they’re most suited to daytime use. A particularly nasty problem that needs a quick fix or some eccentric ideas for the aspiring writer – sativa weed strains can help with both.

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