20 What is the most popular food delivery in the world?

20 What is the most popular food delivery in the world?

With the pandemic by coronavirus people all over the world have had to spend several months in lockdown in their homes. This has led to an increase in the demands of food delivery so you can continue to enjoy your favorite foods.

Global searches for « delivery », « food delivery », « to go » and « food to go » increased by almost 300% between March and May, based on a Google data analysis conducted by Betway online casino.

United States the country that orders the most at home

The country that most searched in March and May a food delivery service It was the United States, with 39% (10.5 million) of the total searches in the world (26.6 million).

The country with a The largest increase in searches was Mexico. The data records of the Google Keyword Planner indicate that searches increased by 1,223% in just one month, from March to May, from 31,480 to 416,400.

What food is the most requested?

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Among so many food options offered online, such as Chinese food, sushi, tacos, vegan food, fish, and pizza, to name a few, preferences vary by country.

The most requested food in the world is pizza, leading the preferences in 55 of 81 countries with available data.

Chinese food was the most requested in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and 8 other countries. Thus obtaining the second place. Meanwhile he sushi was the third most popular on home orders.

McDonald’s in front

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Pizza hut was the restaurant chain of Favorite fast food in America.

Worldwide McDonald’s It turned out to be the most searched chain in 41 out of 81 countries.

KFC was the second most popular restaurant with preference in 23 countries, mainly in Malaysia where in addition to its famous chicken, it also offers local dishes such as congee rice.

Favorite Apps

Unsurprisingly, food delivery apps saw the highest volume of searches in the United States. Caviar leading the way with a 50% increase, followed by GrubHub, DoorDash, Uber Eats and PostMates.

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