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Dear Prospective Employers:

A friend recently passed along a pretty sweet job she thought I might be interested in. Didn’t even apply after finding out the company drug tests everyone they’re interested in […]

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How CBD Can Be Helpful Before & After Yoga

The mental and physical benefits of yoga have long been documented. Researchers have discovered ancient texts, inscribed on palm leaves, that can trace the art of yoga back 5,000 years. […]

Does CBD Go Bad Or Spoil?

If you’re an avid CBD user like myself and have the inclination to stock up on your favorite CBD products, it’s important to have a solid understanding of any expiration […]

What You Should Know About CBD and the Microbiome

By Jenny Menzel, H.C. As CBD grows in popularity as a natural relief option for digestive disturbances, anxiety, pain, and more, the non-psychoactive cannabis compound is gaining interest from researchers […]